St Pete Improv Network

Welcome to St Pete's newest community asset for improv classes, shows and team building workshops. Check out our class schedule and show calendar for upcoming offerings. We're here if you have any questions!

ps- We can't wait to meet you! - Liz

Put your SPIN on it

Improv Comedy in
St Pete

St. Pete Improv Network (SPIN) is a new and exciting improv community located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Founded and led by Liz Marcucci, (Second City, iO and Annoyance trained) SPIN offers a a variety of classes for new improvisors, seasoned improvisors, and businesses. Classes start with the fundamentals and build, brick by brick, to guide you through your own journey into pursuing this the art form. Joy, inclusion, presence, and following your fear is HIGHLY encouraged. Ultimately you are on your own journey, and SPIN is here to support you. Let's create some art together!

SPIN is also a comedic arts production company and incubator. We support performers in producing their own shows and offer opportunities at ours for you to perform. This network is devised for and by the community, so if you have an idea - We already think it's brilliant and would love to help!

Liz, Why doesn't SPIN have an address? 
Great Question!

We are mobile, and therefore; we utilize various creative spaces across Tampa Bay. This nimble structure allows us to bring improv to people and help diminish access barriers due costs and transportation. We also offer a scholarship program. Email us to inquire about the details.

The SPIN community offers a safe space for everyone to freely express themselves and collaborate with others. With a zero-tolerance policy for hate speech, SPIN creates an inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and supported.

We hope you'll join in, and put your SPIN on improv!